The capital city of Pakistan, Islamabad is located in the northwest of the country on Potohar Plateau. This area has been significant in history for being a part of the crossroads of the Rawalpindi and the North West Frontier Province. The city was built in 1960 to replace Karachi as the Pakistani capital, which it has been since 1963. Due to Islamabad’s proximity to Rawalpindi, they are considered sister cities.

Compared to other cities of the country, Islamabad is a clean, spacious and quiet city with lots of greeneries. The site of the city has a history going back to the earliest human habitations in Asia. This area has seen the first settlement of Aryans from Central Asia, ancient caravans passing from Central Asia, and the massive armies of Tamerlane and Alexander.

To the north of the city you will find the Margalla Hills. Hot summers, monsoon rains and cold winters with sparse snowfall in the hills almost summarize the climate of this area. Islamabad also has a rich wildlife ranging from wild boars to leopards.

After the formation of Pakistan in 1947, it was felt that a new and permanent Capital City had to be built to reflect the diversity of the Pakistani nation. It was considered pertinent to locate the new capital where it could be isolated from the business and commercial activity of the Karachi, and yet is easily accessible from the remotest corner of the country.
A commission was accordingly set in motion in 1958, entrusted with the task of selecting a suitable site for the new capital with a particular emphasis on location, climate, logistics and defense requirements, aesthetics, and scenic and natural beauty.

After extensive research, feasibility studies and a thorough review of various sites, the commission recommended the area North East of the historic garrison city of Rawalpindi. After the final decision of the National Cabinet, it was put into practice. A Greek firm, Doxiadis Associates devised a master plan based on a grid system, with its north facing the Margallah Hills. The long-term plan was that Islamabad would eventually encompass Rawalpindi entirely, stretching to the West of the historic Grand Trunk road.

Islamabad nestles against the backdrop of the Margallah Hills at the northern end of Potohar Plateau. Its climate is healthy, pollution free, plentiful in water resources and lush green. It is a modern and carefully planned city with wide roads and avenues, elegant public buildings and well-organized bazaars, markets, and shopping centers.

The city is divided into eight basic zones: Administrative, diplomatic enclave, residential areas, educational sectors, industrial sectors, commercial areas, and rural and green areas.

The metropolis of Islamabad today is the pulsating beat of Pakistan, resonating with the energy and strength of a growing, developing nation. It is a city, which symbolizes the hopes and dreams of a young and dynamic nation and espouses the values and codes of the generation that has brought it thus far. It is a city that welcomes and promotes modern ides, but at the same time recognizes and cherishes its traditional values and rich history.

A Beaming Investment


If you’re interested in buying a property in Islamabad,F-8 Sector is ever best. you might find the following price trend analysis useful. However, please keep in mind that the following prices can change at any point in time based on the real estate market’s condition.


For now, just bigger units are up for sale in this area. The price for 1 kanal houses starts off at PKR 8.5 crore and escalates up to PKR 17.5 crore. With time, property units of 5 marla and 10 marla are also going to be available for sale in F-8, Islamabad. 


An abundant supply of flats is available in F-8, Islamabad. The price for 1-bed flats in F-8 Islamabad is between PKR 1.65 crore and PKR 3.75 crore, while the price for 2-bed apartments starts at PKR 1.05 crore and goes up to PKR 4.75 crore. Moreover, the price for 3-bed flats is between PKR 5.1 crore and PKR 5.75 crore, the price of 4-bed flats in F-8 Islamabad is up to PKR 12 crore and the price of 5-bed flats is between PKR 12 crore and PKR 12.5 crore.

Whereas the price for studio apartments in F-8, Islamabad is anywhere between PKR 1.05 crore and PKR 5.8 crore. 


Plots of 5 marla and 1 kanal are up for sale in F-8 Islamabad. The price of 5 marla plots is upto PKR 60 thousand, while the price of 1 kanal plots is up to PKR 8.5 crore.


If you’d like to rent out a property, the following analysis might be helpful. Please note, that just like the sales price trends, these rental trends are also subject to change without notice.


Few 10 marla houses and a good number of 1 kanal houses are available on rent here. The monthly rental for 10 marla houses in F-8 Islamabad is up to PKR 2.8 lakh, while the rent price for 1 kanal houses starts at PKR 80 thousand and escalates up to PKR 6.5 lakh. 


A plenitude of commercial properties are up for sale in F-8 Islamabad, meanwhile, some commercial properties on rent are also available in this sector. Commercial property units including office spaces, shops, plazas, full buildings and basement of buildings are available in this thriving sector of Islamabad. 

F-8 Islamabad is a chic residential area and according to our analytic tools buying trends, the most searched sector of F-8 is The Centaurus, representing 63.5% of total searches. F-8/3 earned the second position with 14%, F-8/1 secured the third spot with 7.4%, F-8/2 raked in fourth with 6.1% and F-8 Markaz was the fifth most-searched area, accounting for 5.1%.

Again, when it comes to rental trends in F-8, The Centaurus ranked first with 75.6% of total searches, F-8/1 secured the second spot with 7.4%, F-8 Markaz came third with 6.6%, F-8/3 earned the fourth spot with 5.3% while F-8/4 pulled in 3% of total searches, securing the fifth position. 


D-12 Islamabad

The exponential population growth in Pakistan has given way to a never-ending hunt for houses and employment. This quest brings thousands of individuals annually to Islamabad, and this local migration has created a surge in demand for new housing schemes. Located far away from the city’s hustle and bustle, D-12 Islamabad, lies adjacent to Margalla Hills. This housing society was launched back in 1994 by the Capital Development Authority (CDA). Being one of the oldest areas of the federal capital, this unique piece of land to stands out from all other real estate developments in Islamabad. D-12, Islamabad, is also home to some of the most prominent personalities of Pakistan, including politicians and journalists. D-12, Markaz is the central commercial area of the society, which is located at an equal distance from all sub-sectors.

Margalla Retreat

At the foothills of Margalla, a fully developed Northern Strip, Sector E-11 Islamabad’s naturally most beautiful sector Limited number of 500 sq yd.

  1. Margalla Retreat is a fully developed & unique Housing scheme of CDA in Sector E-11
  2. The price of plot in Margalla Retreat is comparatively less than the price of plot in adjacent developed housing schemes in Sector E-11
  3. Margalla Retreat is surrounded by residential sectors of CDA and all the land around Margalla Retreat is acquired and owned by CDA. Therefore, neither any land is available or owned by any private housing scheme nor CDA has issued NOC to any new private housing scheme in or around Sector E-11.

Park Enclave

Park Enclave is under the jurisdiction of CDA located in Islamabad. The prices in the locality have increased by over 1.2% per sq. ft over the last 4 years. Park Enclave has more than 8 schools and colleges with the notable ones being The Lasanians Model School System, Grafton Colleges of Management Sciences and Isra University. The area has medical facilities available for its residents as evident in the presence of more then 3 clinics. In addition to this, a variety of dining options are available ranging from Fast Food to Desi. These restaurants include Haleem Ghar – Dhoke Kala Khan and Adventure Inn Hotel & Restaurant in surrounding area. In terms of access, Park Enclave is 13.8 kms away from Zero Point, Islamabad and 44.5 kms away from the New International Airport, Islamabad. 

List of Sectors

  • Diplomatic Enclave
  • Pakistan Secretariat
  • A-17
  • A-18
  • B-17
  • B-18
  • C-15
  • C-16
  • C-17
  • C-18
  • D-10
  • D-11
  • D-12
  • D-13
  • D-14
  • D-15
  • D-16
  • D-17
  • D-18
  • E-7
  • E-8
  • E-9
  • E-10
  • E-11
  • E-12
  • E-13
  • E-14
  • E-15
  • E-16
  • E-17
  • E-18
  • F-5
  • F-6
  • F-7
  • F-8
  • F-9
  • F-10
  • F-11
  • F-12
  • F-13
  • F-14
  • F-15
  • F-16
  • F-17
  • F-18
  • G-5
  • G-6
  • G-7
  • G-8
  • G-9
  • G-10
  • G-11
  • G-12
  • G-13
  • G-14
  • G-15
  • G-16
  • G-17
  • G-18
  • H-8
  • H-9
  • H-10
  • H-11
  • H-12
  • H-13
  • H-14
  • H-15
  • H-16
  • H-17
  • H-18
  • I-8
  • I-9
  • I-10
  • I-11
  • I-12
  • I-13
  • I-14
  • I-15
  • I-16
  • I-17
  • I-18
  • PKR
  • USD
  • EUR
  • GBP
  • SAR

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